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Ethos Seeker (2016)

Ethos Seeker is a game that combines the capture/recruit components of pokemon and the turn based strategic combat of Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy Tactics. Players are spirit mediums trying to reach Nirvana. To do that, players need to find and recruit spirits found in different areas, then strengthen them through strategic combat with other spirit mediums.

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Written and directed by Francis Maralag

Programmed by Breno Leão


Each character has 3 poses: battle, walk, and idle. Pictured below is the frame-by-frame for the battle poses.

Modern Mischief (2015)

You are an art savant and retired cat burglar who takes on the responsibility of fixing the monumental mistakes at a modern art exhibit. Use your cat burglar agility to avoid security cameras and guards, and discretely correct these exhibits without letting anyone know you "touched the art."

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Google Drive

Website: fmaralag.ca/games

Written, directed, & programmed by Team Modern Mischief
(Art Institute of Vancouver)


Narrative storyboards from the beginning of the game.